Every home with central cooling and heating relies on air ducts for their indoor comfort. For the most part, homeowners tend to take this system for granted. However, when issues arise with your air ducts, there can be a significant impact on your comfort, your air quality, and your wallet. In this article, we’ll review just a few of the major signs that your air ducts may need to be repaired by a professional.

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Energy inefficiency

Household energy waste is a problem with many potential causes, from an unmaintained air conditioner to insufficient attic insulation. In most homes, it’s probably easier to list what is efficient rather than what isn’t! However, one of the principal causes of residential energy waste is leaky air ducts.

By their nature, all air ducts lose some degree of cooled or heated air in the process of transporting it to the living spaces of your home. Air is a relatively poor conduit for energy, so at least some of the cooling and heating generated by your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace is lost in the ductwork no matter what.

However, as your home settles over time and the once-new ducts begin to age, this efficiency issue can begin to worsen. Your air ducts may develop small pinholes, cracks, and fissures that allow cooled and heated air to escape outside of the duct, rising into your attic and through your roof. In turn, your HVAC system then has to work that much harder to bring the temperature of your rooms down or up, which means more overall energy is being used.

Uneven comfort throughout your home

For the most part—and provided that the registers in said rooms are open—properly working air ducts should transport cooled and heated air to the rooms of your home evenly. This helps prevent the creation of either hot pockets or cold zones where the temperature between rooms varies wildly. Not only can this negatively impact your home’s comfort, but it can also lead to excess energy use, as your thermostat puts in additional work to cool or heat that anomaly of a room.

Faulty ducts can be a cause of this uneven comfort. If there is significant enough cooling or heating loss in one section of the ductwork leading to a room, it can lead to that room being cooled or heated differently from the rest. If your home is seeing uneven comfort or strange pockets of hot or cold air, you should consult with our HVAC technicians here at Dent Air Conditioning. Give us a call today at (601) 401-3368.

Of course, airflow issues can also impact the intake of air into your HVAC systems. Without the ability to effectively pull air from inside your home, your air conditioner or furnace will eventually encounter significant performance or efficiency issues.

Air quality issues

Worsening indoor air quality could be connected to ductwork problems. Gaps or tears in ducts allows dust, dirt, and other contaminants to find their way into the ducts, getting caught in either the HVAC filter or pushed out the registers in your home. In some cases, ductwork holes can be an entry point for mold to get into the air ducts.

To diagnose any air quality problems in your home, we recommend you schedule an indoor air quality test from our team. A professional IAQ test evaluates your home’s air and identifies potential problems, as well as their potential source. If the air coming out of your ducts registers a high amount of dust, dirt, or other contaminants, the solution may be cleaning or repairing the ductwork.

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