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Many people don’t know this, but your indoor air quality can often be far worse that the air quality outside. Over time, dust, dirt, viruses, allergens, pollen, mold spores, and much more can become trapped in your constantly circulating indoor air. Left unchecked, this can lead to misery for those in your home with asthma, allergies, or other sensitivities.

For homeowners looking to improve their indoor air quality, the first step is calling our team. At Dent Air Conditioning, we specialize in residential indoor air quality testing and treatment services.

Our IAQ experts can put you and your home on the path to better breathing. To schedule your indoor air quality test, give us a call today!

Why does indoor air quality matter?

Between sleeping, making meals, and spending time with your family, you spend a majority of your day in your home. If your indoor air quality is poor, that means you spend a majority of your day breathing in contaminants. Here are some of the things most commonly found in indoor air here in Jackson:

  • Allergens: As pollen and pet dander become trapped in your indoor air, they endlessly recirculate through your air ducts. This can extend springtime misery to the indoors for the allergy sufferers in your family.
  • Viruses: Homes with poor IAQ often are those where illnesses quickly spread to the entire family. That’s because airborne viruses are trapped in the home.
  • Dust & Dirt: All that dust and dirt that accumulates on your furniture is also in your air. Trapped inside, it can aggravate health issues and make breathing harder for everyone in the family.

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How our IAQ test works:

#1. Testing

Our IAQ expert will start by meeting with you to learn more about your home and if your family has anyone with breathing difficulties. We’ll then take samples and measurements of your indoor air. This will then be evaluated to determine what’s actually in your home’s air.

#2. Results

With the test results back, our tech will meet with you and discuss what they mean. We’ll have a suggested solution for every problem identified with your indoor air; for example, excessive pollen will require better filtration.

#3. Solutions

Our team can help implement air quality improvement solutions based off the results of your test. This includes installing filters, repairing air duct issues, or adding dehumidifiers. With our indoor air quality treatment, you and your family will soon be breathing easier.

Change your air filter regularly

One proactive step you can take to keep your indoor air safe to breathe is changing your air filter on a regular basis. If you have a reusable air filter, be sure to wash it thoroughly. A clean air filter will not only help block contaminants from entering your indoor air, but will also improve your overall energy efficiency.