When something goes wrong with your home’s heating or cooling system, , you need a great HVAC technician at your home working on the problem, as soon as possible. You do not want just any technician. You want a Dent technician.

At Dent, our NATE-certified techs are true AC and heating professionals who take pride in the work they do. In this article, we’ll review some of the things you should look for when hiring a HVAC company and their techs.


You want a technician who shows up when he says he will show up. You should schedule a consultation before hiring anyone, and you should pay attention if the individual is on time. If you hire a company for your HVAC work that is flaky or late, then you could be without your AC for a significant length of time when you need them in the future.


During the consultation, you should go with your gut. You need to pick up on the vibes the technician sends off. If you feel like something is off, then you want to follow that. When you hire someone from Dent Air Conditioning, our technicians treat you like family. You and your home will get the respect you deserve from our technicians.


You do not want to hire a technician who just started working yesterday. You want someone with years of experience who already knows his way around an HVAC system. The technician should already know all the basics. Always ask how many years someone has been in business before signing on the dotted line. Dent Air Conditioning techs are not only experienced, but they’re also NATE-certified professionals.


Most homeowners do not know the first thing of fixing an HVAC system. When you work with someone who does, you should know precisely what will be done with your home. Ask as many questions you need to and pay attention to the responses. Everything should be explained clearly.


It can take several hours or days to pinpoint the exact problem with the HVAC system. You do not want someone who yells and get frustrated easily. You want someone who knows how to handle stress and can act maturely. Every problem has a solution, and your technician should be dedicated to finding it.

Call Dent for great HVAC services here in Jackson

You deserve to have a great HVAC technician working around your home. You may need to take your time consulting with several different technicians, or you can just hire someone from Dent Air Conditioning. Our great techs have all of these qualities, so contact our team when your air conditioner stops working this summer.