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Tough clogs are no match for our drain cleaning service

The plumbers at Dent Air Conditioning are ready to help with your drain cleaning needs here in Jackson and Central Mississippi. We have the tools to clear any clogged sink, shower, toilet, or household drain.

For drain cleaning in Jackson, MS and surrounding communities, give Dent Air Conditioning a call.

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Call for emergency drain cleaning service

At Dent Air Conditioning, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services. If your shower, sink, or toilet has clogged, give us a call right away, and we’ll send out a plumber as soon as possible to help.

A quick note: if all the drains in your home are clogging all at once, shut off your water and call us immediately. This could be a sign that your sewer line is clogged.

The tools of the trade

Our plumbers carry a wide variety of tools for clearing clogs and cleaning drains. These include specialized snake tools for reaching around the U-bend of pipes to clear tough clogs. Many of these tools can have rotors attached at the end that cut away at clogs.

In the event that something valuable has fallen down the drain (such as a wedding ring), our plumbers also have specialized tools for fishing those out of deep within pipes. Of course, a plumber’s tools are only as good as the plumber using them. That’s why our plumbers are experienced drain cleaning professionals who have seen and done it all.

Why call a professional?

One of the most-common questions we get is “Why should I call you when I can use a drain cleaning product?”

Your sink or shower drains lead to your home's plumbing. Liquids that travel through the drain head down through the pipes, eventually getting to the sewer line or septic tank. Store-bought drain cleaning products are harsh chemicals; pouring these repeatedly down the sink can eat away at your pipes, destroy a septic system, or damage sewer lines. In almost every case, the best solution is to call a drain cleaning company. At Dent Air Conditioning, our team prioritizes the use of non-chemical means for clearing clogs.

Proud to serve the Jackson area!

At Dent Air Conditioning, we're the premier HVAC, plumbing, and home services company in the Jackson area. Here are the communities we serve:

Jackson   •   Gluckstadt   •   Clinton   •   Richland   •   Florence

Our Plumbers

At Dent Air Conditioning, we're proud to have great plumbers on our team. Our plumbers are certified, experienced professionals who take pride in a job done right and believe in great service.

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Our Guarantees

Our plumbing services come backed by our Ironclad Guarantees. These are our promises to you: we'll fix your plumbing problem the right way.

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Shower Clogs

As you might guess, shower clogs are most commonly caused by human hair. Gross! Also, not as easy to clear as you might of thought: hair clogs can extend far down the pipe, beyond the reach of many store-bought hooks and snake tools. If your shower has clogged, stop running the water right away and call in our plumbers.

Sink Clogs

Most often, kitchen sink clogs are caused by an accumulation of food waste, and can be cleared by running a garbage disposal. If your home doesn’t have an in-sink disposal unit, you’ll need one of our plumbers to come to your home and clear the clog. In more serious cases, grease and oil buildup can cause a blog further down the pipe or in the sewer line.

Toilet Clogs

Most toilet clogs can be cleared with the use of a plunger, which uses pressure to remove clogs. However, more stubborn clogs may need professional intervention. If you’ve been struggling with a clogged toilet, call in the plumbers here at Dent Air Conditioning.